What is a tour?
A tour assembles various components of a trip into a single package that can be purchased. It comes in two basic varieties: an independent tour, which normally consists of transportation, lodging, and sometimes meals and activities, and which you can assemble on your own to fit your itinerary and an organized package tour, which has some or all of the components of an independent tour, but follows an itinerary set by a tour company and is led by an experienced guide.
Should I book an independent package tour?
Yes, you can. Our tour packages are designed by a minimum of two adult persons. If you want as an independent traveler that time cost will vary from our published rate. Suggesting you contact us as soon as possible.
How should I book my tour?
You can buy a package tour directly to FNF Tourism Services' physical address or through our website.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards (VISA, Master Card, & American Express) and so on.
Any charged will apply to my transaction?
No, we're happy to serve you!
Should I include airfare?
Airfare might not be included in the cost of your package tour or might be included. Airline tickets can usually be added to both types of tours or you can make your own airline reservations. Bear in mind that the prices for most escorted tours are not guaranteed until just before the final payment. If you’re mulling airfare arrangements for an escorted tour, you might consider booking the escorted tour’s air, which could cost a little more than if you booked it yourself — but if the tour is canceled and refunded, you’d also get your airfare back.
Can I request specific seats on my flights?
That depends on the airline. You can usually request a window or aisle seat, and sometimes specific seat numbers (but not exit row and bulkhead seats) ahead of time. Many airlines now charge a fee for this, and such fees are not included in your package price. If you have a seat preference, let us know over telephone or email us at fly.fnftourims.com after you book. Then: (A) If your airline does not charge a fee to pre-assign seats: We'll happily pass along your seat request to the airline and confirm they received it (though we cannot guarantee it will be honored). (B) If your airline does charge a fee to pre-assign seats: We'll let you know. You'll need to contact the airline directly to request your seats after we have issued your flight tickets, and fees are payable directly to the airline. (C) If you do not request specific seats: The airline typically assigns them within 24 hours of departure. If you do not like your assigned seats, you may be able to change them, subject to availability, when you check-in online or at the counter.
What are the most common tour problems?
Oh, the trouble my readers get themselves into! Here are a few common tour-related queries I’ve handled: (A) I don’t like my tour guide or fellow travelers. Perhaps the biggest unknown is your professional tour guide and the other members of your tour. If you have a personality conflict with one, then it can make your vacation miserable. The only way to avoid this is to plan your tour very carefully, preferably with the help of a competent travel agent. An agent will know what types of travelers are likely to take a particular escorted tour, and will probably know if you’re a good match. If you’re part of a larger group offering concurrent tours — for example, if there are two buses, each with its own guide — it may be possible to switch busses. But don’t count on that as an option. (B) I have a special need. For many senior travelers, an escorted tour is the perfect way to see a place because everything is taken care of. When you’re traveling abroad, not every attraction and restaurant is ADA-compliant. Some tour operators have a great reputation for handling guests with special needs. (C) The food, accommodations, or tours are not what I expected. Sometimes, tour operators cut corners, paying a restaurant just a few dollars for a meal they buy at a volume discount, but advertising it as a “five star” experience. These tour operators don’t deserve your business; in fact, they don’t deserve to be in business at all. If one part of your tour isn’t up to standards, say something right now — don’t wait until you get home (see chapter on complaint resolution for more). Again, a knowledgeable agent, or a recommendation from a trusted friend can help you avoid such tours.
What all kinds of stay options does FNF Tourism Services provide?
FNF Tourism Services provides range of stay options varying from standard to deluxe hotels, resorts stay, home stay arrangements depending upon the place of visit and time of visit.
Does FNF Tourism Services help in travelers finding the best destinations / weekend getaways/ adventurous activities?
FNF Tourism Services has a section explore on the website where you can find best destinations, top weekend getaways, best family vacations places, honeymoon celebration and solo travelling places.
Does FNF Tourism Services help in booking flight tickets too for the travel?
FNF Tourism Services provide end to end travel solutions. Hence, on request by traveler we do provide air tickets at discounted prices
I am planning a group trip/ tour for a weekend getaway for my team? Does FNF Tourism Services cover the need for group trip booking?
YES, FNF tourism Services provides the options of group bookings at discounted pricing.
Do I need to register myself on FNF Tourism Services to book a tour or trip?
NO, even without registering you can book your holiday with us. After completing booking FNF automatically create a login account for you.
I want to gift a holiday experience to my best buddies. Does FNF Tourism Services provide gifting a holiday experience?
YES, gifting a holiday to your friend is as simple as booking a holiday for self. Just enter the details whom I want to gift, with a single click on Book and your gifting process is done.
Are there discounts for group bookings for college goers/corporate professionals?
YES, there is a group discount if the number of persons is at least 4-15.
Does FNF Tourism Services provide Online and Offline booking medium both?
FNF Tourism Services prefers booking through online mode but yes, we provide booking through offline mode by contacting our office.
Can I make changes or customize a package?
Want to depart from a different city? Stay a few extra days? Add an extra stop? Take two tours, back-to-back? With most of our packages, it's no problem, and we're happy to oblige. After booking online and contact us as soon as possible, and we'll promptly let you know the price and availability. (Fees and/or additional charges may apply.)
Can I request a special meal?
Yes, you can. After completing your booking send as a request via email and we will shortly added a special meal in your tour.
What if I need to refund or cancel my Tour packages booking?
Please contact us immediately. After your reservation has been confirmed, refund or cancellation does incur a fee. for more infromation please see our terms and conditions page.